How to safeguard the plot that you recently purchased in Bangalore? How to safeguard the plot that you recently purchased in Bangalore?

How to safeguard the plot that you recently purchased in Bangalore?

Bangalore is not just a place for the IT industry but also a happening place for the real estate market. From people investing in their dream homes to investing in plots for better returns, the city has emerged to be a hub of the real estate industry. When many people invest in apartments and villas, there are many who invest in residential plots. With various villa plots for sale in Bangalore, the buyers have infinite options to choose from. What is more proud than owning your land? Some buy plots to construct their dream home while some wait for the hike in land value to resell it. The immediate construction on the purchased plot is rare due to financial constraints or various other reasons.

In this scenario, the plot might be left idle with the owner in a different city, or traveling, unable to pay periodic visits to the site. If the buyer is negligent, the land may end up in illegal disputes that may besiege the property. There are various reports on encroachment faced by landowners in Bangalore. Encroachment can be of various forms. When one of your neighbors extends a part of their home development on your land or constructs a shed that extends to your plot, it is encroachment. If you are planning to sell your residential plots in Bangalore, these issues will be a hindrance to your sale. It is essential for you to be precautious and here are some of the things you must do to keep your plot safe.

Hire a legal advisor!

Before purchasing land, it is always better to hire a legal expert who can guide you through the paperwork that follows the purchase of land. The documents of the land can be shared with the legal advisor to get a clear picture of the registration of the property with the district authority. Do a proper background check and make sure that the person whom you are dealing with, is the actual owner of the land. The document checks and the verifications can be done better with the help of a legal expert.

Revenue records mutation

The term looks complicated but simply put, the mutation is a change in the title ownership from one person to another when the property is sold. This involves the transfer and the registration of the property to the new owner. A nominal fee amount that varies from state to state is to be paid after the registration. Post the mutation, the document can be collected from the revenue office within six months of the acquisition.

Mark the border!

One and the only way to avoid physical encroachment of your property is to fence it properly. Measure your land, mark the boundary and you can fence it with wires or with walls. Are you still worried about the safety of your plot? Build a small property and rent it out. And do not forget to maintain a proper agreement with your tenant.

Pay a visit

Have you purchased residential plots or sites for sale in Bangalore South? Are you residing in Bangalore North? Well, get ready to plan your periodic visits to the site. There are many cases where the land was seized by outsiders where the owner rarely visits. If you are too busy to visit the plot, you can hire security for the plot or install CCTV surveillance to monitor the surrounding. You can spend some amount on security and live peacefully, knowing that your land is safe.

Hire a caretaker!

Residing in a different city or a country, you will not be able to make frequent visits to the plot you have bought elsewhere. In this case, the ideal solution for you is to hire a caretaker for your property. This will work as great security and maintenance for the plot.

Pride Group, one of the leading builders in Bangalore has various plots for sale in the city. As one of the prominent builders in the real estate industry, the buyer need not worry if the plot owner is trustworthy. Pride Group has gated community villa plots that are already secured for you. To add to this, the villa plots are BDA approved. Apart from apartments, villas, and villaments, Pride Group has various villa plots ready for registration. These plots include Rolling Hills Phase II, Pride Crosswinds villa plots, and Green Meadows. The plots are in a surrounding that is healthy and hygienic. Buying from a prominent real estate company will give you less headache as you do not have to think twice about their authenticity.

With a great experience in the market, Pride Group has spacious 2BHK and 3BHK affordable apartments, villas, and villa plots for sale in Bannerghatta Road, Vijayanagar, Bangalore, Mysore Road, and more. Pride Group has plots that are situated in a great location with a safe environment and amenities that will enhance the living experience of the buyer. To add to this, the plot is accompanied by amenities including a walking track, avenue tree plantation, coffee terrace, indoor game area, swimming pool, children’s play area, gymnasium, squash court, and more. You can build your dream home nestled in the goodness of all the amenities. The plots are in close proximity to the industrial regions, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, and more. The location advantage also adds up for a greater land appreciation.

Are you set to buy residential plots for sale in Bangalore? Want to know more about the properties of Pride. Check out the best ongoing residential properties in Bangalore by Pride Group.


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