Get to know what makes Bangalore one of the most liveable cities in India Get to know what makes Bangalore one of the most liveable cities in India

Get to know what makes Bangalore one of the most liveable cities in India

What is Bangalore? The answer to this question is many. Silicon Valley of India, lake city, city of gardens, and let's not forget to add, one of the most liveable places in India. The city is a perfect package for anyone who aspires to build a successful career and life. Moreover, Bangalore makes work and living a great life to the fullest look effortless. From time unknown, people from around the country have traveled and settled in Bangalore. There’s clearly some magic in the city. 

For a person who completed their education, one of the first places in their mind to find a job is, Bangalore. The unending job opportunities and the premium lifestyle Bangalore has to offer are impeccable. This not only boosts the city’s economy while empowering young minds but also creates a great community. Apart from this, Bangalore as a city is molded to be one with unparalleled work-life balance, shopping, entertainment, and more. 

Let’s dig deep into the beauty of the city that we admire to be one of the best liveable in India. 

The surge in IT/business Industry

IT and the business industry in Bangalore have seen highs unlike any other. Most of the leading businesses and IT companies have numerous offices across Bangalore. This opens up lots of job opportunities for graduates around the country. One of the most interesting things is that the boom of the IT industry in Bangalore is pretty much constant. 

Apart from the established companies, Bangalore is also a welcoming place for start-ups. And this career – success-driven side of Bangalore makes it liveable. 

Citizen-centric developments

Bangalore is developed with the most premium infrastructure that makes living easier for the citizen. From transport to other infrastructure that is needed in a great city, Bangalore has it all. Roads, metros, airports, and railway stations together make the connectivity option easier for the people of Bangalore. Upcoming road constructions and metro construction will improve the transport options in this city.

Ample green space 

Another thing that makes Bangalore liveable is the lush green space in the city. Even in a highly industrial area, you will not miss out on the greenery as the city’s green lush is nurtured and maintained beyond your imagination. Within every 3 or 4 kilometers, the well-maintained green parks will fill your eyes with heart-warming views. Planning to spend a memorable evening with your family, you need not travel miles as you have the greenery right at the heart of the city. Be it Cubbon Park or any other small parks near residential areas, the moments spent here will rejuvenate you. 

Entertainment & scenic beauty

Bangalore, the city that never sleeps is also home to some of the hidden gems adored by the travel lovers of the city. You can drown all your work stress in an entertainment-filled night partying or you can spend a great weekend road tripping or trekking the pristine terrains of Bangalore. From Nandi Hills to the noteworthy palaces in Bangalore, any of these spots can make a great short vacation for you. 

The unparalleled weather

Weather, unlike any other place, Bangalore presents the most beautiful seasons. Summer with the bloom of cherry blossoms and the light chills of winter. All you need is a great jacket to go out in during the winter. The cool weather not only brings out the cool you, but it also keeps you away from the tiring heat. And the unpredictable evening drizzles are bliss. 

Affordable premium homes

More the people, more the living spaces. Real estate in Bangalore boomed with the rising footfall in the country. There are numerous builders in Bangalore that offers housing options around the city. From villas, apartments, and plots for sale in Bangalore, the city has an array of options for home buyers. 

Best Builders like Pride Group experienced in the market have designed exquisite homes around Bangalore, giving great options to the buyers. Promising a living unlike any other, these homes incorporate worldly amenities. Affordable villas in Bangalore South by Pride Group are home to citizens in the South while Pride Pegasus apartments in North Bangalore promise maximized living. 

What are you waiting for? Start researching and find the most liveable home in the most liveable city in India. 

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