Does it make sense to buy a flat in Bangalore? Does it make sense to buy a flat in Bangalore?

Does it make sense to buy a flat in Bangalore?

Home to many giant IT companies and multiple start-ups, Bangalore, the IT city of the country is also the dream place for everyone. When it comes to one's dream job and the dream city, Bangalore is the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind. And it is undeniably one of the favourite picks for many professionals to set up their business. Bangalore is a city of huge community living together. Many from around the world and India move to Bangalore in search of their passion and profession. There is nothing to wonder why the IT capital has seen the real estate boom in the previous years. The demand for better, affordable, comfortable, and convenient living space is what encouraged the real estate companies to spread its wings across Bangalore. Many of the movers find it convenient to buy a flat and the reasons that lead to this decision are many.

With various options on 3 and 2 BHK flats for sale in Bangalore South, North, West, and East, most of the young investors settling down in the city look for budget apartments. Most of these buyers prefer buying a flat as paying EMI is better than paying rent. Another thing that attracts them is the passive income that they will achieve even if they move out of the city. They can rent it out with steady money coming out of it or sell it at a go. It is always considered a better option to buy an apartment over buying land or an independent house, as it is safer and offers way more, better opportunities. When considering the present market conditions that are highly advantageous to the buyers, it proves to be beneficial for home buyers and investors when purchasing comfortable and spacious apartments in West Bangalore or any other parts of the city.

Why should I buy a flat in Bangalore now?

Looking for the perfect house in Bangalore? Confused about whether to buy a flat or rent one? Here are some of the reasons why you should buy a flat and not rent it.

Investment: Now is a time for investment and buying a flat or an apartment is one of the best ways of future investment. Buying a 3 or 2BHK flat for sale in Bangalore, one can rest assured that the property they are buying with cater to their dream home needs as well as come in handy as a future investment. Demand for ready to occupy flats and apartments as rentals will prevail in Bangalore as long as it remains the IT capital of India. The huge inflow of people to the city will increase the need for housing. And if at all you move to a different city, the apartment will serve you a passive income.

Price Fall: Amidst the pandemic, most of the residential property rates have gone down. Thus, making most of the spacious apartments in South Bangalore and other parts of Bangalore available at a lesser price. This makes the present market one of the best for buyers and investors.

Tax Benefits: When you are opting for a home loan it will help you in making a cut in tax payments. With the reduced taxes, as a buyer, one will be able to buy an apartment at an affordable rate. And who would say no to an affordable home purchase?

An array of options: With the increase in the number of potential investors and buyers, the number of upcoming projects in the real estate market is increasing. In search of an apartment in any part of Bangalore, you can easily find one in any part of Bangalore. Be it apartments on Mysore Road, Bannerghatta Road, Vijayanagar, and other parts of Bangalore you will get the apartment of your dreams at your convenience. Check for the amenities and other availabilities to find the best home for you.

Low-interest rates: The most attractive thing about the present real estate purchase is the low-interest rates on home loans. The current interest rates are said to be the lowest in the last decade and most of the buyers are taking the opportunities wisely. Together with this, most of the banks are also offering discounts.

Great offers: With the competitive and tough market conditions, the real estate companies are trying its best to lure the buyers towards their products. Most of the companies are providing discounts and exciting offers that will make the buying experience better for the buyers. Some of the buyers are attracting potential customers with No-EMI offers while others are offering to refer and earn, making this the best time to buy an apartment.

Resale value: Most of the apartments, if well maintained will have a great resale value. The appreciation for apartments has always seen a huge rise in the past years and this will remain the same in the coming year.

Why buy an apartment and not an independent house, plot, or villa?

Most of the buyers are advised to buy apartments instead of a villa or an independent house and there are reasons for the same. Most people think that buying a flat, villa, plot or an independent house is similar. But all the things are different and have it's advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the reasons why flats are chosen over independent houses or villas.

Mortgage: when it comes to buying a property by taking a home loan, it is easier to get the loan for an apartment than an independent property. Most of the lending banks often prepare a list of sanctioned projects where a buyer can easily get his loan sanctioned. Banks follow a strict loan policy for independent properties as the amount of money involved here is also high.

Maintenance cost: Most of the prominent builders includes maintenance charge in the amount that is to be paid for the apartment. When it comes to independent homes, the maintenance charge will increase and at some of the places, it will be charged monthly. And not to mention the difficulties in maintaining a huge house.

Saleability: When you compare the resale value of an apartment to a flat, the highest will be for the latter. According to the Industry estimates, apartments are now more in demand and thus the high resale value. Most of the real estate companies in the Tier II cities also show the same. Taking the demand into consideration, most of the leading companies offers 2BHK and 3BHK apartments.

Pride Group one of the experienced real estate companies in the market has spacious 3BHK and 2BHK affordable apartments in Vijayanagar, Bangalore, Mysore Road, Bannerghatta Road, and more. With 2 BHK flats for sale in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, and other industrial regions of the city, Pride has apartments that elevate the living experience of all the buyers, with a safe environment and amenities that will make the buyers cradle in the goodness of a great living atmosphere. During the pandemic situations, all the real estate companies are trying to adapt to the new normal and so is Pride. The leading real estate company offers a 360-degree virtual tour for their apartments for sale. With attractive projects that offer 3 & 2BHK apartments in Bangalore South for sale, Pride offers the best housing options of quality construction and contemporary design for its customers. The company’s experience in the market and the top-notch living experience they provide the residents of Pride apartments make most of their projects, the best ones in Bangalore. 

As one of the leading builders in India Pride Group is also made its mark in Bangalore with top-notch apartments, villas and villaments. Pride Group has affordable and spacious 3 & 2BHK apartments and flats for sale in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore South, Bangalore West, Mysore Road, Vijayanagara, and more. One thing that keeps everyone from visiting real estate properties in the present scenario. The builder with utmost responsibility assures a safe environment for both buyer and the employees. All the precautionary measures are taken for the safety of the visitors. A contactless temperature check for all the employees and the buyers who visit the site are done before entering any Pride projects. The sites are cleaned and sanitized after each visit making it ready for the next one. So, you can enjoy a safe and worriless site visit at Pride apartments for sale in Mysore Road, West Bangalore, and various other parts of Bangalore.

Got your reasons to buy an apartment in Bangalore? Are you now in search of the best budget 2 BHK apartments in Bangalore? Well, take a look at some of the best 2 BHK apartments that will reach your expectations.

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