6 tips on Apartment hunting during the pandemic 6 tips on Apartment hunting during the pandemic

6 tips on Apartment hunting during the pandemic

6 tips on Apartment hunting during the pandemic

The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore has seen the highest number of footfalls with many moving to find their dream job and to build a successful career. Regardless of the present pandemic conditions, many dreamers are rushing to the dream city to grab the career opportunities arising in the market. Many who move into Bangalore look for a joyful and convenient living space. As Coronavirus walked in, the market conditions took a different turn. Amidst the tough situations of the market, the IT city managed to stay positive. The whole world is experiencing the effects of the pandemic on each sector, showing the positive sides and use of online sales and marketing. When it comes to the real estate industry, the pandemic brought huge changes, and some are positive.

With the interest rates stooped down, the sales of real estate property have grown amidst the pandemic. Even though everyone is staying indoors, their investment plans and moving into their dream home is still happening. With apartments on Mysore Road, Bannerghatta Road, electronic city, and various other parts of Bangalore are sold and is getting queries frequently, the fact is that the present situation is not stopping anyone from house hunting. If you are all set to house hunt and are confused about where to begin, we will tell you exactly where to start. And the points that follow will make your house-hunting in the pandemic situation easier. 

Research, Then Search

If you have just moved into Bangalore, do not know any of the localities, and are planning to move from your rented apartment, you should do a great lot of research to find your dream home. If you are a person staying in J P Nagar and is planning to move to apartments in Vijayanagar, Bangalore, or for that matter any part of Bangalore, the research is inevitable because you will not be familiar with the neighbourhood. If it was a few months back, our suggestion for you would be to go and explore the region you are planning to buy a home. But now as the Coronavirus is lurking the streets of Bangalore, we would suggest you sit home and do your researches online. Online is the most happening place now, even for house hunting. So, take a stroll on online platforms which will help you understand the localities and the area you like to buy your apartment. You can even check with your friends and colleagues who live in the locality. They might even be able to help you find the right apartment for you.

Locate the green zones

Referring to the green zone you need not get confused. This has nothing to do with the eco-friendly or environment-friendly surrounding. Make sure that the area that you are planning to move into is not a containment zone or a red zone. If at all you select an apartment and then decide on moving without checking, you will end up stuck in between the green zone you left and the red zone you are going to enter. Stay updated with all the news. Get in touch with your Kannadiga friends who can inform you by referring to the local media. There is no point in you vacating from a green zone and packing your bags for the new home which is situated in a containment zone. You might end up homeless. Jokes apart, give priority to your safety. 

Be Safe 

If at all you finally get to take a tour in person, the only thing you need to be is responsible, for your safety and for the others too. Different regions are at different degrees of lockdown and you need to understand the area where you are going to go house hunting. Make sure that you, your family members, and the person giving you the tour, have all taken the safety measures. Wear a mask the right way and practice social distancing throughout the visit. Stay cautious and avoid touching doorknobs or any other surfaces where you feel an outsider may have touched it. Avoid touching your face, eyes, or your mouth until you wash your hands properly for 20 seconds. Most importantly you can carry your sanitizers with you to be used when opening the doors. You may also ask the person giving the tour to open the windows of the apartment before your visit. 

Leading builder in Bangalore such as the Pride Group offers an in-person tour of the site in the utmost safe environment. The builder makes sure that the buyer and the employees are taking all the precautionary measures. The temperature of all the employees and the buyers who visit the site are checked at the entrance of the site. Before and after every tour, the site is cleaned and sanitized. So, you can have worriless home tours at Pride apartments for sale on Mysore Road, West Bangalore, or various other parts of Bangalore. 

Spacious enough for your office

One of the most important things buyers would always look for in an apartment is for it to be spacious. And the present situation has reason to stress this more. Work from home can become a stressful business if you do not have a private space of your own. If your roommate or your partner is also on work from home, you clearly must buy 2BHK or 3BHK apartments to carry out all your works properly. The things remain same if you live with your family, with kids especially. With an array of options set up by the real estate companies, it will be easy for you to find a 2BHK or 3BHK apartment in West Bangalore, East Bangalore, North Bangalore, and South Bangalore. More spacious your home, better your work from home. 

Stay alert 

Even though doing things online is easier, you should always be on guard. There are rental scams online, waiting for the unfortunate buyers with the best trap laid for them. Thus, one should be vigilant when house hunting during pandemic without visiting the property. You can always get in touch with a builder directly instead of depending on an individual selling apartment. Most of the leading builders make sure that you get all the trust before taking any further steps. Some of the red signs for you to look out are:

The seller does not show property virtually

The price is too good to be true

The listing has extensive grammatical and/or syntax errors

The seller is rushing you to buy the property

They ask for your financial information

They will ask you to pay in cash

If you are facing any of these situations, research thoroughly or you can just choose to walk away. Any reputed builder who has known the market will give you all the time you need to decide and will have virtual tours and videos available for you. For most of the builders, the priority will be the customers. Most of the leading builders, considering the situation has also laid out offers to cut the financial pressure on buyers.

Take a Virtual Tour

Builders are just as eager to find buyers as buyers are to find their dream home. The real estate companies are adapting to the situation and most of the leading builders have made it sure that the buyers are getting a proper virtual tour to make the purchase happen. You will even be availed with walkthrough videos which will make it easier for you. Unlike the walk-through video, on a virtual tour, you can just use your fingertips to take a look at all the rooms and spaces at your new home. With virtual tours you can reduce the time required to do an actual home tour, cutting out the travel time and more. If you are a person who always prefers a real tour before the purchase of your dream home, all you can do is to wait for everything to get back to normal. 

Pride Group with great experience in the market has spacious 2BHK and 3BHK affordable apartments in Vijayanagar, Bangalore, Mysore Road, Bannerghatta Road, and more. With premium apartments for sale in Mysore road and other regions of Bangalore, Pride has homes that complement the living of all the buyers, with a safe environment and amenities that will make the buyers living better. Amidst the pandemic situations, Pride Group is adapting to the new normal and offers a 360-degree virtual tour for the apartments for sale. With attractive projects including plots, Vilaments, Villas and apartments in Mysore Road, West Bangalore, and other prominent residential areas in Bangalore, Pride offers the best for its customers. The safety of the buyers is prioritized, and the properties are cleaned and sanitized. The safety of the residents at Pride is also considered and the security checks the temperature of all the people who enter the premises of any Pride property.

With all the tips to handle the pandemic situation to buy a home, still looking for the best apartments in West Bangalore and other parts of Bangalore? Check out the best properties in Bangalore.

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