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Pride Vatika


A community in harmony

Ancient Indian wisdom celebrates the synergy of the five elements known as the panchamahabhutas. Everything in life is composed of these omnipresent elements: Akash, Vayu, Jal, Agni and Prithvi. And only when all these elements are in perfect harmony, is there a deep abiding sense of well-being and joy.

The Panchamahabhutas have been the inspiration for PRIDE VATIKA. An exceptional community taking shape just a few miles away from the heart of Bangalore City. On the yet unspoilt and virgin terrain off the Bannerghatta-Anekal Main Road. Here, sprawled across hundreds of acres of hills, Valleys, lakes, green fields and gardens, are just the sites you have wanted for so long. Sites that can be as big as your dream or as modest as your budget. Awaiting your home in surroundings where you have the best of both worlds. All the comforts of civilization with the untouched grandeur of the natural world.

Highlights of Project

  • Drinking water with Overhead Tank
  • Sanitary (Underground drainage with treatment plant)
  • Electricity with Street lights (Electricity, sanitary & water connected to individual plot & conduit for telephone line & cable TV)
  • Shuttle services – 22 seater – 2 Nos. (1 to Electronic City and another upto Jayadeva Hospital, at regular intervals) – after the completion of development of the layout or 25 residential houses – whichever is earliest.
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