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At a time when most luxury projects seem to be hardly indistinguishable from one another, Pride Picassa is unique in its understated elegance and exquisite luxury. As the name suggests, this inspired work of art will fuel your desire even before you do the most compelling thing of all: possess it.

The 22 limited-edition super luxury residential suites at Pride Picassa are located just off the ritzy 100 Feet Road in Indiranagar, one of the Garden City’s most sought-after and expensive real estate neighborhoods. This upper crust address is surrounded by beautiful parks and the quiet serenity that Bangalore is well known for.

This upscale residential neighborhood is geared to cater to the rich and the famous. A hip lifestyle and shopping hub with international retail labels, lounge bars, fine-dining restaurants, this is an address that buzzes by day, pulsates by night. Then slips back into the serenity of the good old days, in the after hours.

The opulent suites at Pride Picassa are in a league of their own and are crafted and detailed to give you the best that money can buy. Eleven floors, Two apartments per floor. As exclusive as it gets.

Highlights of Project

  • Refresh, relax and rejuvenate in the world-class Spa and Sauna
  • Allow the crystal waters of the Swimming Pool to gently work away tired muscles
  • Break a sweat and push your endurance levels at the well-equipped Gymnasium
  • Celebrate with friends at the uber chic Party Area
  • Just soak into the emerald waters of your private Plunge Pool
  • Landscaped Gardens that will elevate the art of relaxation to a new level
  • Concierge services for all your requirements
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